ManualMaster increases interest in software company Yumasoft

Nieuws · 16.01.2019

‘To safeguard continuity of quality and plans for the future’

With a view to pressing ahead with our plans for the future, expanding our development capacity, and to safeguard our continuity, ManualMaster has increased its interest in the software company Yumasoft. Yumasoft, which is based in the Polish Wroclaw, develops our software in close collaboration with Papendrecht colleagues.

We acquired our first equity interest in Yumasoft over ten years ago. The recent expansion means that, together with Yumasoft CEO Maciej Mondrzycki, we now control a majority of the shares.

Control over business operations

Fred Vahlkamp, founder of ManualMaster: ‘That was our goal, the objective being to have more control over business operations. ManualMaster accounts for a substantial part of the Yumasof  turnover. Our controlling interest enables us to better safeguard our business continuity and that is very important to us.’

ManualMaster is flourishing, growing strongly in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. There is also an ongoing rise in the number of overseas customers. Fred Vahlkamp: ‘So, going into the future, we must increase our development capacity. Indeed, our team in Poland is soon to be expanded.’

ManualMaster is highly satisfied with the service provided by Yumasoft, which has contributed to the company’s development for over a decade. ‘We do not place orders in Poland, we collaborate with virtual employees, real colleagues’, Fred Vahlkamp explains.

In continuous and direct contact

‘At the time we were looking for offshore development close to home. Yumasoft is located in the same time zone, which is very practical. The developers in Papendrecht and Wroclaw are in continuous and direct contact with each other. This enables agile working methods and, consequently, more responsive collaboration. Our Polish colleagues work together with us in Papendrecht, literally.’

‘That took a little getting used to, to start with. There were cultural differences to bridge. Our Polish colleagues had to learn to express criticism and, if they thought our ideas were daft, to say as much. We all adjusted well and have long since passed that stage. We have now reached a point that we can delegate more and more responsibility for the development of ManualMaster to Polish colleagues.’

Our software

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