Why ManualMaster?

Why ManualMaster?

Organisations often use dozens, hundreds, or sometimes even thousands of descriptions: process schedules, procedures, operational instructions and forms. How can you keep track of them? How can you ensure that everyone has the right information at the right time? That all descriptions are accurately used? And that these descriptions do not interfere with your organisations dynamic and style but form a proper support for your organisation? ManualMaster structures your information and your working methods. Moreover, ManualMaster helps you to take more decisive action as a business in a dynamic world.


Using ManualMaster will ensure that your internal know-how and regulations are transparent, manageable, and available to every person in your organisation. The following pages list the most important advantages of working with ManualMaster.


Item With


Without ManualMaster
Time saving ManualMaster automatically and consistently updates any type of change in all relevant documents and makes the updated versions available to the reader while specifying the reason for the change. This saves the Administrator an enormous amount of time. Changes are made manually and per document.
Hyperlink management Any change in a hyperlink is consistently updated in all documents, processes and forms containing the same hyperlink. Of course, this is done under fully traceable version management. Hyperlinks no longer work after a title has been changed.
Content management A change in a definition, department name, officer, standard or logo is made centrally and only once.  ManualMaster ensures that this change is updated throughout the system. This safeguards consistency of all operational processes with the related documents in Word, Excel, and Visio etc. This centralized updating of changes in several documents comprises traceable version management, which means that documents are automatically given new version numbers. The Administrator needs to amend all documents manually.


ManualMaster Edit licences allow the decentralized management of documented information with a minimum knowledge of the application. The document managers can easily access to the ManualMaster database. Not possible
Process modelling The reader can click on process schedules (hyperlinks) and immediately view the tasks, powers and responsibilities (TPRs) including the corresponding references. It also allows readers to click directly on the related documents, processes and/or forms. Not available
Consistent overviews/process reports ManualMaster manages and automatically generates consistent management reports such as TPRs, cross references, tables of contents, definitions, process descriptions per department and/or officer, as well as outstanding actions. Not available
Transparent standards The processes, documents and forms for every paragraph of a quality standard are documented in the system. No summary of standards, no separate structures for the Administrator, readers, managers and auditor.
Audit trail All actions carried out within the system are safeguarded in the audit trail. A detailed and clear overview of who did what and when. No audit trail
Monitored distribution of hard copies ManualMaster not only monitors the publication of digital documents it also monitors the distribution of hard copy documents. At any point in time, ManualMaster knows which person has which hard copy manual, what the content of this manual is, which versions have been distributed, and which versions still need to be returned. It goes without saying that ManualMaster keeps a full distribution history. No monitored digital (HTML) and/or hard copy distribution
Monitored digital publication ManualMaster ensures the most recent versions in HTML format are available to everyone (a distribution list is available and can be emailed if required). Moreover, via the central dashboard everyone is kept informed about any changes. Readers are not subject to licence fees. Inconsistent and unmonitored
Personal dashboard Every user – or function, or department or group – can be provided with a personal dashboard. Users can adapt their dashboards to their personal preferences. A dashboard clearly sets out matters such as outstanding actions, new documents and notifications, and enables users to navigate directly to all documents or personal favourites. No overviews of personal information
Search option The dashboard includes a search option. ManualMaster’s search option is similar to Google. Readers can search the content of all documents based on indexed information (full text search), synonyms, tags and smart letter search. The reader can easily access the necessary information by going through the search results. Not available in the publication
Monitoring data reviews If documents need to be reviewed, the responsible persons are automatically notified by messages on their dashboards and by email. No automatic monitoring
Digital verification and authorization (workflow) Documents are digitally assessed and approved by one or more persons (simultaneously or successively) while monitoring and feedback are provided. Remarks are always saved together with the documents concerned. The verifiers and authorisers simply work via the HTML publication and do not need a licence. Manual verification and authorization on hard copies
Management reports Generating reports such as process indicators, cross references to quality standards, which documents need to be reviewed or approved when, etc. Not possible
Management control Managers can generate those actions online which are available to their teams, and can directly point out to team members which actions have been outstanding longer than a particular time. Management control of actions not possible
Printing via PDF ManualMaster allows readers to print information or to make it available directly in PDF format. If preferred, the print date can be included. Manual generating, maintenance and provision of PDF files
Read & Understand The Administrator can mark information for particular employees who need to confirm that they have read and/or understood the contents. This can be done either before or after the digital release. New employees must confirm the existing active documents for read and understood within their specialty/craft/job. Read and Understand can therefore be used as a training tool, optional complemented with an examination/test in ManualMaster WebForms. Not possible
Comment option Readers can add comments to documents, processes and forms. ManualMaster ensures that the comments are not only saved together with the document but also that they are passed to the right persons. No interaction
Safeguarding of corporate identity ManualMaster applies centrally managed templates for headers, footers and the digital manual. Any amendments to the corporate identity can therefore be easily updated throughout. Available information needs to be updated for every item separately.
Security-integrated Administrators retrieve documents via ManualMaster, which means that all security settings continue to apply. throughout all processes. Readers can only retrieve those documents to which they have access. Within this information, the Administrator can direct the readers towards the information which is relevant to them. Furthermore, readers can determine for themselves which information they wish to follow. Information is not provided on a personal basis, which adversely affects finding the information.
Interactive form


Online registrations including monitoring, route, feedback (workflow) and reports are all interactive. Some examples are complaints, notifications/reports, improvement proposals and checklists. The filled-in forms are saved in a database. No interactive form flows
Pre-completed forms Thanks to links with other database applications, ManualMaster can provide readers with pre-completed forms. Not possible
Business rules in form


ManualMaster can incorporate business rules as a form flow. These business rules are then the basis for forms to flow according to the information added. Not possible


Your licence

Your ManualMaster licence can consists of one or more modules. You can always add a new module at a later stage, so that you can spread your investment over several budget years.

The basis of your licence is the one-time purchase of a ManualMaster licence. If preferred, the ManualMaster licence can be extended to accommodate for one or more Administrator/s or Editor/s.

If any other module (WebForms) is required, a onetime only addition to the ManualMaster licence is necessary.

A principle of ManualMaster is that you do not pay for the system’s end users, i.e. all employees who simply read the information. Employees who start a workflow, and verify and/or authorise documents are also licence-free. All they need is a computer with an internet connection and a browser. It is not even necessary to have a local MS Office or MS Visio licence.

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