Intelligent Web forms

Recording, checking and passing on data on forms that can be routed using ManualMaster WebForms

Webformuleren van ManualMaster

The ManualMaster WebForms module enables you to extend the digital manual with online forms. Examples are notifications/reports, audits, deviations, complaints, improvement proposals, CAPA, registrations and checklists.

These digital forms can be linked to available and registered information, which creates an interactive interface on top of your existing information system.


  • Creating web forms (including complaints and proposals for improvement), which can be filled in directly on your ManualMaster web portal
  • Compiled with MS Word, lay-out free
  • Variable, conditional route
  • Fields with comprehensive logic
  • Various reports and action lists

ManualMaster Starling WebForms enables you to supply a diverse range of simple and complex forms to your end-users.

With ManualMaster Starling WebForms it is not only possible to make your forms available online but you can also enter information online, expedite (variable route) and create reports based on completed forms.

You can create these forms using MS Word and format them to your liking, with the use of “logical functions”. You can then implement tools such as hidden fields or fields that become visible only when other fields have been filled out in a certain way, enable calculations, create queries based on specific database input using dropdown boxes, fields that are mandatory, or even fields that have to be filled out prior to other fields. After this it is possible to link a variable route (with conditions) to the form. ManualMaster Dashboard and e-mail notifications inform you of any unresolved actions/forms. Ultimately reports can be created and their entered values presented, including exporting the data to MS Excel.

Within our client circle WebForms are used for complaints, incident reports, damage reports, audits, surveys, risk management, checklists, registrations, contract management, workplace inspections, leave applications, declarations, commencing or finalizing employment, employee/client satisfaction assessments, etc. Optionally there are correctional or preventive measures/improvements (CAPA) linked to the aforementioned.


In this index we have listed a selection of several of ManualMaster WebForms functions. On the right hand side of the index the benefits of each functions has been indicated.

WebForms Functions



Forms are projected directly onto the MM Web. Users can access and fill out the forms from any workstation. All forms are always accessible. They can be accessed through the search engine, the process, the set up menus or any other navigational structures you might want to implement.
Forms can be filled out on either PC/laptop or smartphone/tablet. With the use of HTLM5 the forms scale comfortably to the device that is being used. On mobile devices adding an image to the form is just one tap away. All forms are always available because they can be filled out on either a smart-device or at a workstation.
Forms can be filled out online and do not have to be printed. Filling out forms online saves time, increases efficiency and prevents piling up of documents.
A form can be created with the use of MS Word. This allows complete freedom in creating your own lay-out.


By formatting the questions, you create a clear and concise overview.
Only the latest and approved version will be made available online. To prevent having to resend approved forms, employees only have access to the latest version of the form.
The forms enable you to guide people down a certain trajectory. By enabling tools such as dropdown boxes and buttons you can preempt what employees are going to say and prevent excessive use of the free-text field.
The forms allow you to create links connecting to your databases and prefill specific fields. Prefilling forms, using existing data, saves time and prevents mistakes.
Formulas can be added to forms or specific fields.


Implementing macros and formulas enables you to quickly calculate sums, multiplications or percentages based of the data in the fields. This prevents mistakes and saves time.
You can retrieve data from multiple sources including the ManualMaster Starling database and others. Linking forms to existing databases ensures correct data entry and saves time. For example; when a specific product code is selected the linked product data is filled out automatically.
Forms may contain mandatory fields.


Forms can only be submitted by completing the mandatory fields. Preventing partially filled out or incomplete forms from being submitted.
Attachment such as images, e-mails, text documents and Excel sheets can be added using the Drag and Drop tool. Creating reports is made easy by managing all data in one database. This way you have the latest and correct data at your fingertips.
Forms can be made to be user specific, this way you can target your questions to a select group of people.


Enabling user specific fields, prevents confusion and erroneously filled out forms.

There are a wide variety of general benefits. Many specific benefits will be applicable to your organization may it be time management, efficiency, or the ease of use and registrations.

WebForms Functions



Forms can be made to be user specific, this way you can target your questions to a select group of people. Enabling user specific fields, prevents confusion and erroneously filled out forms.
Forms can be saved mid-process. Users can exit the form they’ve been working on and continue where they’ve left of at a later time so that no data is lost.
Completed forms are send digitally.   Timesaving and efficient as there is no need for printouts or human handling.
Conditions for redirecting or forwarding forms to the next in line can be set by the administrator. For example; the next in line can be decided by the user or a specific question in the form. Enabling the variable route ensures each form ends up with the person responsible for the next step.
Conditions and variations such as If this Then, And, Or, Else can be imbedded onto the forms. The use of logical tools ensures the right information is shown at the right time.
Improved response time through notifications on the MM dashboard and e-mail. When a form is completed an automated message will be send to the next in line. A tile on the dashboard shows you which tasks you have pending. This way pending tasks can be seen to promptly.
Users can view the status of their completed forms. This way they know exactly who is currently using the form.   The status of the form is available online. Users can track who has the form and what is being done with it.
Completed and uncompleted forms are listed online. Individual user summaries can be created. This gives you a quick overview on the progress of your forms.
Real-time reports online.


Real-time insight on reports gives you an operational advantage.
Export data to Excel.


All data from completed forms can be exported directly to Excel. Reports can be combined with and rendered to other databases.
No application or download is needed to use WebForms, it is also browser independent.   ManualMaster Starling WebForms can be put to use as soon as you start creating your own form(s).
Prefab WebForms are available on the MM Web. No special introduction courses are required. Whichever form you need; all of your employees will have instant access.
Invite employees/customers to fill out your form.   Send survey requests directly to your customers or internally to your employees.

ManualMaster WebForms examples

  • Example business improvement form.

  • Example intern audit form.

  • Example report.

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