Interactive Process management

Interactive processes

ManualMaster Process Management enables you to model MS Visio diagrams and distribute them to digital manuals. The module also facilitates the central management of your diagrams.

Each step in the business process can be linked to tasks, responsibilities and competences (RASCI). Links can also be creatednetwork-577021_640 to standards and performance indicators, and it is easy to display the different cross-sections.

The (web)reader can click on process schedules (hyperlinks) and immediately view the tasks, responsibilities and competences including the corresponding references. It also allows readers to directly click on the related documents, processes and/or forms.



  • Hyperlinking between processes en documents;
  • Easy to use with MS Visio;
  • Recording tasks, authorisations and responsibilities;
  • Input and output references and cross-sections of functional responsibilities.

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