Up-to-date Personal information

The right information, on the right moment at the right person

ManualMaster makes it possible to transfer (your MS Office) information to digital web portals. With one keystroke you can create a completely digital manual in HTML format. ManualMaster sees to it that your staff can “jump” between the different information sources.

ManualMaster automatically presents the documents in HTML, which means that every employee, worldwide, can access the digital information with nothing but a computer or mobile device with a browser and an internet connection.

ManualMasPersoons gerichte informatieter ensures the most recent versions in HTML format are available to everyone (a distribution list is available and can be emailed if required). Moreover, via the central dashboard everyone is kept informed about any changes.

Every user – or function, or department or group – can be provided with a personal dashboard. Users can adapt their dashboards to their personal preferences. A dashboard clearly sets out matters such as outstanding actions, new documents and notifications, and enables users to navigate directly to all documents or personal favourites.



  • At the right time to the right person in an easy accessible format
  • Full text search
  • Your own design
  • Interactive notifications
  • Access management

Examples ManualMaster Dashboard

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