Real-time Performance indicators

Decide which performance indicators are relevant to your organisation and determine the necessary values.

The ManualMaster Performance Indicators module allows you to gather details on the actual performance of employees (viPrestatie Indicatoren ManualMastera web forms) and by consulting a database regularly. You define which performance indicators are relevant to your company and what the related, preferred values are.

ManualMaster Performance Indicators help you to set this up and maintain this easily and in a well-structured manner. The information gathered can be used for automatic calculations. The data are then presented to you and your employees in the form of interactive dashboards.

Performance indicators are linked to partial or full processes, which makes these processes measurable and transparent. ManualMaster provides a clear overview of both the current and trend values of the performance indicators and displays them dynamically in a dashboard at any point in the management system.


  • Online and real-time information
  • Displayed in dashboards
  • Extracted from existing ERP or
    Care systems, or from ManualMaster WebForms
  • Overview of the historic values

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