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With our document management solution, ManualMaster enables you to document your documents, processes, spreadsheets and PDF-files and to distribute these to digital web portals. You only need to push a button to generate a completely digital web portal in HTML format, while ManualMaster ensures that your employees can switch between the various sources of information without any training required. The reader only needs to have access to a computer with a browser, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox.

ManualMaster Documentbeheer

You can manage the content of documents and spreadsheets, so that you can log all master data: functions, departments, and definitions, which safeguard the consistency of all documents used. ManualMaster contains features such as version management, automatic change management, document references, audit trails and automatic reports.

ManualMaster is integrated with MS Office, so you keep using familier software from Microsoft, combined with all the benefits of ManualMaster.

Thanks to MS Visio, you can also describe, model and distribute diagrams. Furthermore, with ManualMaster your processes are managed centrally. ManualMaster contains features including process analysis, input and output references, risks, cross-sections of function-based responsibilities, and registration of tasks, powers and responsibilities.






  • Standardisation of your own layouts, headlines, footnotes and (intranet) layout
  • Integration with MS Office
  • Automatic change control
  • Version management, status overviews, changes and hyperlink management
  • Integrated workflow management
  • Management of standards
  • Integrated security
  • E-mail notification and personal dashboards

Printscreens document management ManualMaster

  • Administrators are able to import documents in a userfriendly application.

  • Editing documents in MS Word

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