Simple management

You can get off to a quick start with ManualMaster because you continue to work with familiar software, such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Visio. It is simple to read in your existing documents to ManualMaster. The correct information can be found quickly with an Internet browser. Furthermore, ManualMaster has options for filling in forms directly on the intranet, viewing management dashboards, and verifying, authorising and commenting on processes and documents.



ManualMaster helps you safeguard consistency in all your documents and processes. This involves, for instance, a consistent use of terminology (names of departments, jobs, definitions and abbreviations), as well as connections between documents, version management, authorisation charts and the automatic generation of contents pages and electronic navigation structures via the intranet.



ManualMaster provides your people with insight into the structure and working of your organisation; not only who does what, but also how and why. This transparency promotes:

  • Clearer work;
  • More focused work;
  • Measurable quality;
  • Evaluation and optimisation of processes and instructions.


Knowledge guarantee

Recording how your organisation works and how certain actions should be carried out anchors the knowledge in your organisation. New employees rapidly gain insight into how you work, and learning experiences can be optimised through maintaining the procedures and instructions.



ManualMaster enables your organisation to work with a variety of standards, such as food safety standards, environmental standards, general quality standards and all sorts of standardisation systems for different types of care organisations and authorities. The software makes it easy for you to compare the actual situation to the relevant standardisation systems.



New insights, new organisational structures, mergers, new regulations; because you have recorded the information in ManualMaster, you can easily structure and restructure the business information. If certain tasks are moved to other departments or steps are added to a process, ManualMaster ensures consistent adjustments, and everyone is notified of these adjustments quickly and automatically.


How can ManualMaster assist you?

  • Creating, maintaining and publishing your processes and documents, such as protocols, work instructions and forms;
  • Describing and modelling processes, with links to standards, roles (tasks, competences and responsibilities), protocols, forms and Performance Indicators;
  • Measuring quality on the basis of Performance Indicators;
  • Generating consistent management overviews and reports;
  • Managing references to external standards, such as NIAZ, HKZ, PREZO, NEN 7510 and ISO;
  • Publishing your documents, on paper and intranet, by creating manuals;
  • Centralised management of tasks, competences and responsibilities, and job names, definitions and abbreviations;
  • Workflow management, with extensive workflow support;
  • Creating web forms (including complaints and suggestions for improvement), which can be filled in directly on your intranet.

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