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The world around us is in a constant state of flux, which continually puts new demands on organisations’ business operations. Dynamism, flexibility and know-how are increasingly important. At the same time higher demands are being made on quality, environment, safety and health. A key factor in this is the limitation of risks, which requires recording and checking procedures that do not obstruct the dynamics of business operations.

Organisations often have tens, hundreds or even thousands of descriptions, in the form of process charts, procedures, work instructions and forms. How can you oversee all of this? And how can you ensure that everyone has access to the right information at the right time, and that the descriptions are used? And also that all the descriptions support the organisation and actually promote dynamics and flexibility, rather than obstruct them?  ManualMaster structures your information, records your working methods and helps you to be a more decisive business in the dynamic world of today. And of tomorrow.

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Our Clients


"ManualMaster automatically and consistently updates any type of change in all relevant documents and makes the updated versions available in a personal dashboard. "

Fred Vahlkamp, Founder ManualMaster

"ManualMaster's search option is very powerfull and similar to that of Google. Full text search, synonyms, classifications, tags and filter options."

Johan de Rooij, Salesmanager ManualMaster

"At BAM International we provide live access of our management system documentation to our employees worldwide. ManualMaster continuously delivers dedicated support to set-up and keep this system up-to-date."

Ralf Janssen, BAM International




Quick start with ManualMaster

You can get off to a quick start with ManualMaster because you continue to work with familiar software, such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Visio. It is simple to read in your existing documents to ManualMaster. The correct information can be found quickly with an Internet browser, also on mobile devices.

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Mapping out your organisation

ManualMaster is software you can use to map out your organisation in detail. On the basis of MS Office products, our software guides you in creating process charts, procedure descriptions, work instructions and forms, which you can then arrange in a structure you have thought up yourself to match your business operations.

As ManualMaster is able to make links to other descriptions, you create cohesion between the descriptions and the environment in which they are used. You can also add Tasks, Competences and Responsibilities to descriptions. And where relevant, you can also create a link to standards, such as ISO, BRC and GMP.

ManualMaster supports you in organising information, making it available and maintaining its relevance. This maximises efficiency throughout all the levels of your organisation and promotes the management of company-wide processes.


This results in:

  • Clearly recorded goals, processes and working methods;
  • Firmly anchored knowledge in your organisation;
  • Continually updated information and well-arranged accessibility;
  • Direct overview of the extent to which you meet particular standards;
  • Clear insight into the effectiveness and efficiency of your processes.

ManualMaster helps your organisation improve the continuity, quality and efficiency of your business operations.