Advanced Document management


ManualMaster enables you to lay down documents, processes, spreadsheets and PDF-files and to distribute these to digital manuals. You only need to push a button to generate a completely digital manual in HTML format, while ManualMaster ensures that your employees can switch between the various sources of information without any training being required. The reader only needs to dispose of a computer with a browser, such as IE, Chrome or Firefox.

ManualMaster Documentbeheer

You can immediately manage the contents of the documents and spreadsheets, so that you can register all your master data such as functions, departments and definitions, and can safeguard the consistent use of your documents.

ManualMaster automatically and consistently updates any type of change in all relevant documents and makes the updated versions available to the reader while specifying the reason for the change.

A change in a definition, department name, officer, standard or logo is made centrally and once only.

Documents are digitally assessed and approved by one or more persons (simultaneously or successively) while monitoring and feedback are provided.




  • Standardisation of your own layouts, headlines, footnotes and (intranet) layout
  • Version management, status overviews, changes and hyperlink management
  • Integrated workflow management
  • Management of standards
  • Integrated security

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